Story of Zipsale

Starting off as a designer clothes resale service, we've got years of experience in pre-loved fashion market and have explored all the possibilities of growing the business. Needless to say, like any consignment store, we have encountered some issues, such as increasing visibility and finding new customers. What we discovered is that the best way for a local shop to speed up sale process, increase buyer diversity and grow business is by… going global!

Unarguably, online and especially mobile shopping have become instant like buying a cup of coffee, so we decided to catch the wave and place our items on sale on as many marketplaces as possible. At this point we realized that there was no other way than doing it manually!

Hence the idea of Zipsale was born – to save the headache of manual listings and provide an intuitive solution that would do it for you. We've been through a bumpy road of software development and negotiations with major marketplaces to make the online sale process as sleek as possible.

In the recent years, second-hand and vintage shopping have turned into a global trend, since it is much more convenient than buying new, more creative and way more sustainable. Our mission is to connect local sellers with global audience, contributing our bit to circular consumption and environmental impact reduction.