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How to take pictures
Good pictures sell.
  • Take pictures as close to a natural light source as possible (but not against it), use a white background to make an item stand out
  • Hold the camera at the same level as the item because a picture from above or below can distort the proportions (you can hang clothes on hangers, on a closet doorknob or railing, or spread it out on the floor or on a table and try to take a picture from a 90 degree angle above the clothes)
  • Include as many pictures as possible (from the front, from the side, 3/4 from the front, from the back, 3/4 from the back, from above, details)
  • Don't forget to take a picture of the brand, size, material, etc.
  • Take pictures that describe the item's condition (soles, bag handles, corners, cuffs, collar, etc.)
  • Take pictures of and describe any problems or defects present (including cut off materials' labels or brand labels)
  • Adding pictures of clothes being worn helps to show how it looks. If there is no opportunity to invite a model you can put a phone on a stack of books and take a picture of yourself using a timer or ask someone to take a picture of you (if taking a picture in the mirror, make sure that the camera isn't above you because it causes distortions)
  • If there are certificates, protective cases, a carrying bag, a box or something else, mention it in the description and add a picture. The new owner will be happy to get these accessories
Photo examples
How to describe an item
Be meticulous.
  • Start your description by naming the item's model and share suggestions about the best season or occasion to wear your item
  • Write where it was purchased and for how much (if applicable)
  • Make all the measurements in centimetres and inches (it will significantly decrease the amount of questions)
  • For shoes: sole length, platform, heel
  • For top clothes: full length, sleeves, shoulders, bust, waist
  • For bottom clothes: full length (outseam), waistband, hips, crotch depth, inseam
  • For bags: width, depth, height
  • Note the manufacturer's size
  • Describe the fabric (even if pictured)
  • Describe the defects (even if pictured)
  • If it's a new item with an intact tag, mention that
How to set a correct price
Good to know on pricing
The cheaper the faster.
  • Just like cars, purchased clothes immediately lose 30% of their value when they leave the store. If an item cost £20,000 then in unworn condition, with all the tags intact, it would be resold at an approximate maximum value of £14,000
  • It's also worth paying attention to how much similar items are being sold for in stores during sales season
  • The best price for items in excellent condition is 50-80% of the original price
  • But if you're not confident using this method, check the "SOLD" section on marketplaces and see how much comparable items were sold for
  • For sure, there is always a place for limited editions that can cost more than the original purchase price
  • Vintage items (more than 15 years old) in excellent condition are also valued higher, but you need to be sure that the cut/style/model is currently popular
  • You can change the price of your item by editing your listing
Resale calculator
A tool which helps valuate your items
(clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, etc.)
Item type
Year of purchase
Original price without any discounts (in GBP)
Approximate resale prices
95% probability of sale
75% probability of sale
35% probability of sale
15% probability of sale
Remember, the approximate price is subject to the average commission of 15-30% above your wanted price added by some of the marketplaces.
How to describe an item's condition
New with tags
A never-worn item with tag is an item which has never been worn and still has the original purchase hangtags on it (include a photo of the tag).

Eligibility criterias
No defects, Original purchase tags, No alterations
A never-worn item without a tag is an item which has never been worn and shows no defects or alterations.

Eligibility criterias
No defects, No alterations
Very good
An item in very good condition is a second-hand item which has been only lightly used and extremely well maintained, which can show slight defects from usage. These must be mentioned in the description and visible on the photos.

Eligibility criterias
Slight wear from being used or well-done alterations which are mentioned in the description and/or visible in the photo. No damage to the material, no odour, no missing pieces.
An item in good condition is a second-hand item which has been worn and well maintained. If the item has defects, they must be mentioned in the description and visible in the photos.

Eligibility criterias
Alterations mentioned in the description and/or visible in the photo. Slight wear to the material is accepted. No holes, tears, rust or odour.
An item in fair condition is a second-hand item which has been worn frequently and shows defects (these are mentioned in the description and visible in photos).

Eligibility criterias
Wear from being used mentioned in the description and/or visible in the photo. No torn corners, no broken parts.
Pre-sale preparations
Be neat.
Personal items, just like cars, need to be prepared for resale

  • Wipe down the soles of shoes with a wet cloth and wait for them to dry out before taking pictures
  • If possible, carefully wash the shoes (white sneakers for example)
  • If the shoes are made of suede, clean them with a special rubber brush (here's a hack: after cleaning, spray them with water-repellent spray and they'll look as good as new)
  • Wash and iron clothes before taking pictures. If you notice any stains you will need to mention them but they might wash out!
  • Clothes that need to be dry cleaned should be dry cleaned
Try to put yourself in the buyer's shoes. You'd prefer getting something clean (and people are much more eager to buy something if they see was well maintained)
What to sell
Only authentic items are accepted on our platform
Clothes and footwear
∙ Outerwear
∙ Tops
∙ Bottoms
∙ Dresses
∙ Suits
∙ Shoes
∙ etc.
Bags and accessories
∙ Bags
∙ Small leather accessories
∙ Watches & Jewellery
∙ Hats & scarves
∙ Sunglasses
∙ Belts & gloves
∙ etc.
∙ Home décor
∙ Dinnerware
∙ Lighting
∙ Art pieces
∙ Textiles
∙ Blankets & cushions
∙ etc.